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Guidelines for linking to this website

We welcome links from other websites to the Closing the Gap website. If you intend to create a link, we request that you adopt the following guidelines:

  • When linking to the website, link to main collection level pages wherever possible, for example http://www.closingthegap.pmc.gov.au/resources.
  • Deep linking is permitted, however this can create maintenance overheads as the page to which you link may become unavailable or move.
  • Where appropriate to the context of the link, it is good practice to indicate the website to which the user will link. For example 'Link to the Closing the Gap website'.

The correct name of the website is the Closing the Gap website. Please note that permission to link to this website is not granted if:

  • Inclusion on the requesting site implies the endorsement of the site or product.
  • The requesting site uses the Closing the Gap website solely for commercial purposes.
  • The material linked to is changed technically (e.g. the material is framed and users are unable to determine the location of the original material).
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If you have any queries regarding linking to this website, please contact the Web Administrator through the Contact form.

How to link to this website

Text Links

It is preferred that links to this website take the form of a text-based contextual link with the full wording - Closing the Gap website - in accordance with the guidelines listed above.

Please copy and paste the following code into your HTML:

<a href="http://www.closingthegap.pmc.gov.au">Closing the Gap website</a>


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