11. Governance

A. Amendments to this Agreement

  1. This Agreement can only be changed by First Ministers and the President of ALGA with the Coalition of Peaks. This can be done at any time by agreement in writing of all Parties.
  2. Schedules to this Agreement may be added or amended at any time by agreement in writing of all Parties.

B. Administration of this Agreement

  1. The Joint Council will be responsible for ongoing administration and oversight of this Agreement and can delegate agreed matters to the Partnership Working Group.

C. Dispute Resolution

  1. Any Party may give written notice to the Partnership Working Group of a dispute under this Agreement.
  2. The Partnership Working Group will attempt to resolve any dispute in the first instance.
  3. If a dispute cannot be resolved by the Partnership Working Group, the matter may be escalated to the Joint Council or relevant Ministers.
  4. Any Party may terminate their participation in this Agreement at any time by notifying all the other Parties in writing, following best endeavours to first resolve any matters with other Parties.

D. Status of this Agreement

  1. The Parties do not intend any of the provisions of this Agreement to be legally enforceable. However, this does not lessen the Parties’ commitment to this Agreement. All Parties are committed to implementing this Agreement to its fullest.

E. Publication of this Agreement

  1. This Agreement will be published on the Closing the Gap website and remain there for the life of this Agreement. Any subsequent changes to the Agreement will also be published on the website.
  2. The Parties will develop plain English, accessible materials and materials in language that can be accessed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia in support of this Agreement. These will be updated to reflect any changes to this Agreement.