8. How will we implement this Agreement

  1. The achievement of the outcomes relies on the way in which the Parties implement this Agreement to ensure sustained effort over the term of the Agreement. The Parties commit to preparing a rigorous Implementation Plan that responds to the differing needs, priorities and circumstances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. The Parties agree the Implementation Plans will be fully aligned with this Agreement and state that their purpose is to implement the Agreement.
  2. The Parties agree that it is important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to know that the new way of working is being implemented through the life of the Agreement and can monitor its progress. Accordingly, the Government Parties agree that when future actions are taken to implement the outcomes of this Agreement, the Agreement is acknowledged, including in public communications.

A. Partnership Actions

  1. The Parties have committed to partnership actions to ensure key structural changes are implemented across the country by all governments to give effect to the Priority Reforms.
  2. The partnership actions are a baseline of activity for joined up national action on the Priority Reforms. Government Parties will implement additional actions to give effect to the Priority Reforms through their implementation plans.
  3. The Joint Council will monitor progress against the partnership actions.
  4. New partnership actions will be agreed by the Parties to the Agreement throughout the life of this Agreement, including as existing actions are completed.

B. Implementation Plans

Shared accountability

  1. The Commonwealth, states and territories share accountability for the implementation of this Agreement and are jointly accountable for the outcomes and targets under this Agreement. The Government Parties commit to working together to improve outcomes in every area of this Agreement.
  2. This approach reflects the roles and responsibilities as set out under the previous National Indigenous Reform Agreement, and specified in respective National Agreements, National Partnerships and other relevant bilateral agreements.

Implementation Plans

  1. The Parties commit to implementing this Agreement and aligning relevant policies and programs to the Agreement.
  2. The Parties will each develop their own Implementation Plan(s) to support achievement of the Agreement’s objectives and outcomes.
  3. The Implementation Plans are in addition to the partnership actions and will include data development actions identified in the Data Development Plan.
  4. The Parties agree to demonstrate in their Implementation Plans a commitment to undertake all actions in a way that takes full account of, promotes, and does not diminish in any way, the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Jurisdictional Implementation Plans

  1. Jurisdictional Implementation Plans will:
    1. be whole-of-government plans, covering government agencies and statutory bodies
    2. be developed and delivered in partnership between governments, the Coalition of Peaks, and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners
    3. set out how existing policies and programs will be aligned to the Agreement
    4. set out actions to achieve the Priority Reforms and partnership actions
    5. set out actions to achieve the agreed outcomes and targets
    6. for transparency, include information on funding and timeframes for actions
    7. include the approach to annual reporting, including when they will release their public report
    8. include information on how the states and territories will work with local government to implement this Agreement (state and territory Implementation Plans only).

ALGA Implementation Plan

  1. The Australian Local Government Association Implementation Plan will:
    1. ensure local governments understand the Agreement and its commitments, and encourage its adoption by local governments
    2. assist the state and territory governments to work with local governments in the implementation of this Agreement
    3. support strengthened shared decision-making at the local level, supporting local governments to be part of partnerships with the Commonwealth, state and territory governments and local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Coalition of Peaks Implementation Plan

  1. The Coalition of Peaks Implementation Plan will:
    1. be developed and delivered by all Coalition of Peaks members
    2. set out actions to communicate this Agreement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, community and organisations
    3. set out actions to build Closing the Gap policy and program delivery expertise amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, community and organisations
    4. set out actions to build understanding and ownership of this Agreement by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations
    5. include timeframes for action.

Monitoring of Implementation Plans

  1. The Joint Council is responsible for monitoring implementation of this Agreement including progress by the Parties against their Implementation Plans.
    1. The Parties will provide their Implementation Plans to the Joint Council within 12 months of this Agreement commencing
    2. The Joint Council may provide advice on implementation and how the Parties can work together to achieve shared outcomes of this Agreement, including where progress is not on track. It will not approve Implementation Plans or make formal recommendations on particular Implementation Plans
    3. Any Party to this Agreement may raise and discuss implementation actions with other Parties at any time and may put forward issues and best practice for discussion
    4. Updates to Implementation Plans will be provided to the Joint Council at its next meeting
    5. Each Party will publish its Implementation Plan on its website, including any updates.


  1. The Parties acknowledge implementation of this Agreement will require significant and effective use of resources and efforts.
  2. Government Parties, by July 2022, agree to review and identify current spending on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs and services to identify reprioritisation opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, particularly to community-controlled organisations. Actions taken to implement the outcomes of these reviews will be included in Jurisdictional Implementation Plans and annual reports.
  3. The reviews at Clause 113 will also be discussed at Joint Council in the second half of 2022, where consideration will be given to whether additional joint budget work is needed to meet the activities under the Agreement.