9. Being publicly accountable for our actions

  1. The Parties commit to independent oversight and accountability of progress under this Agreement.

A. Dashboard to inform reporting of progress against targets and key indicators

  1. The Productivity Commission will develop and maintain a publicly accessible dashboard comprising data and associated supporting materials to inform the reporting on progress on Closing the Gap. The dashboard will be updated on a regular basis (at a minimum, annually) and will be maintained for the full term of this Agreement.
  2. The Productivity Commission will work with the Joint Council, through the Partnership Working Group, to develop the dashboard and annual data compilation report, which will be underpinned by an Information Repository that draws together a range of existing data sources. This work will include exploring opportunities for how live data can be used, and sharing information on when data updates are scheduled and/or made.

B. Annual Public Reports by each party

  1. The Parties agree to make public information on their progress on the Agreement and their Implementation Plans through annual public reports. The annual public reports will:
    1. draw from the dashboard and annual Productivity Commission data compilation report, to ensure consistency of measures of progress
    2. include information on efforts to implement this Agreement’s four Priority Reform areas, particularly outlining how implementation aligns with the principles for action
    3. demonstrate how efforts, investment and actions are aligned and support the achievement of Closing the Gap goals
    4. list the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations that have been allocated funding for the purposes of Clause 24, 55a and 55b, and 135 of this Agreement; and subject to confidentiality requirements, also list the names of the organisations and the amount allocated.
  2. Jurisdictions’ public reports will be tabled in their Parliaments.
  3. Subject to jurisdictional parliamentary rules, the Coalition of Peaks’ annual reports can also be tabled in each Parliament.

C. Productivity Commission Review

  1. The Productivity Commission will undertake a comprehensive review of progress every three years. This review will complement the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led review (below). It will provide an analysis of progress on Closing the Gap against the priority reforms, targets, indicators and trajectories, and examine the factors contributing to progress, including by drawing on evaluation and other evidence.
  2. The Productivity Commission’s review may include advice to the Joint Council on potential changes to this Agreement and its targets, indicators and trajectories, and on data improvements.
  3. The Productivity Commission’s findings will inform the ongoing implementation of this Agreement by highlighting areas of improvement, and emphasise where additional effort is required.
  4. The Joint Council will provide advice on the terms of reference for the review to the Commonwealth Treasurer.

D. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led Review

  1. Independent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led reviews will be carried out within twelve months of each independent review by the Productivity Commission. They are an opportunity to capture the lived experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities of the implementation of this Agreement.
  2. On the advice of the Coalition of Peaks, the Joint Council will agree the scope and conduct of this review, including mechanisms to ensure its independence. The review’s report will be provided to the Joint Council, be made public, and may include advice on potential changes to this Agreement.
  3. The review will include a Coalition of Peaks’ facilitated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Assembly on Closing the Gap to provide for a wider group of people and organisations to participate formally and encourage broader ownership of the Agreement.
  4. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led review will highlight areas of achievement and improvement, as well as priority areas where greater collective effort of the Parties is required.

E. Response by the Joint Council to the Reviews

  1. The Joint Council will provide a formal response to both reviews (Sections 9C and 9D) within six months of receiving them.
  2. Each response may include recommendations to amend this Agreement, comments on the progress of jurisdictions, and suggestions for future approaches. Responses will be made public on the Closing the Gap website, in an accessible format.

F. Annual update

  1. The Joint Council will provide the Parties to the Agreement with an annual update at a meeting for discussion and advice on issues for decision on implementation of the Agreement.