7B. Data Development Plan

  1. The Parties will establish a data development plan for data development actions identified in Table B, for endorsement by Joint Council within 2 years of this Agreement commencing. The data development plan will:
    1. be developed in partnership and jointly agreed by all Parties
    2. prioritise data development actions over the life of this Agreement
    3. outline clear timeframes for actions to be delivered and which Party will be responsible for each action
    4. be reviewed by Joint Council at the same time as it reviews the Productivity Commission and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led reviews, at which time Joint Council may consider changes to the plan.
  2. The Parties acknowledge that within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population there are cohorts that are likely to experience greater levels of disadvantage and where it may be more difficult to close the gap. Where possible, data disaggregation of targets includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stolen generation survivors; people with disability; and LGBTQI status to make sure that progress on Closing the Gap can be monitored for these more vulnerable groups. Where this has not been possible due to data limitations, the Parties agree to consider how this data can be developed as part of the data development plan.
  3. In recognition of the role of cultural determinants in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing, spanning across a range of target areas, the Parties commit to identifying appropriate contextual indicators and information to aid reporting.
  4. The Joint Council can make changes to indicators in the targets framework where data development activities indicate that changes are necessary.