7B. Table B: Outcome 1

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enjoy long and healthy lives

Target 1: Close the Gap in life expectancy within a generation, by 2031.



  • All-cause mortality
  • Leading causes of death (infant mortality, child mortality, and five-yearly age groups)
  • Potential avoidable mortality rates
  • Prevalence rates of health risk factors (smoking, alcohol and drug use, overweight and obese, dietary factors, physical activity)
  • Rates of accessing/utilisation of health services (General Practitioner (GP) visits, health assessments (Medicare Benefit 715), chronic disease care items (Team Care arrangement and GP Management Plan))

Contextual information:

  • Hospitalisation rates by leading causes
  • Discharge against medical advice
  • Burden of disease from socio-economic factors


  • States/territories
  • Remoteness areas
  • Socio-economic status of the locality
  • Gender

Data Development:

Explore options to measure and report:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life expectancy estimates by all states and territories; and at more frequent intervals
  • a broader measure of access to services compared to need to include availability and distance travelled, affordability, client preferences and cultural safety
  • burden of disease related to a broader range of health risk factors; and at more frequent intervals
  • broader measures of wellbeing