7B. Table B: Outcome 6

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students reach their full potential through further education pathways

Target 6: By 2031, increase the proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 25-34 years who have completed a tertiary qualification (Certificate III and above) to 70 per cent.



  • Higher education commencement (university component), attrition, and completion rates (time series, cohort analyses - 4, 6 and 9 years)
  • Higher education application, offers and acceptance rates (by gender, SES and ATAR levels)
  • Cert III and above VET commencements, attrition and completion rates

Contextual Information:

  • Field of Education for higher education and VET
  • Higher education students’ views on outcomes, behaviours and satisfaction
  • Destinations and satisfaction of higher education graduates
  • VET graduate outcomes and satisfaction levels
  • Progress towards parity


  • States/territories
  • Remoteness areas
  • Socio-economic status of the locality
  • Proportions completing tertiary qualifications by highest qualification achieved (Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level)
  • Disability status
  • Gender

Data Development:

Explore options to measure and report:

  • costs and barriers to tertiary enrolment and completions, students in receipt of scholarship/s
  • student health status
  • proportion of students who are first in their family to undertake higher education
  • proportion of school-leavers going into higher-level VET and Higher education, by qualification level